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Apart from Facial steam and regular face wash there are various natural ingredients which have cosmetic value and which can keep your face younger, clearer and fairer. Facial steam after a facial massage once a week is good to remove fat from the face. Washing face three to four times a day with cold water helps removes impurities of polluted environment settled on face like dust, smoke, etc. The air borne pollution chokes the skin and prevents it from breathing. Washing also removes oily and bacteria from skin preventing it from becoming sticky. Further those who have acne sunscreen can prevent darkening of scars of acne.

Some preparations from natural ingredients which can keep your skin younger, clearer, and fairer

1. A mixture of one tsp salt and 1/4th cup of cold raw milk is effective to clean your skin off blackheads', clogged pores and sun tan. With the help of cotton ball apply the above mixture to face, keep it for five minutes before rinsing with cold water.

2. Further washing your face with rice water helps in reducing the pores and lightening ones skin tone

3. Apply cucumber juice to face at night and wash it early morning.

4. Apply lime juice mixed with honey to face and wash if after fifteen minutes

5. For oily skin, apply lime juice mixed with equal proportion of cucumber and tomato juice and wash it after fifteen minutes.

6. Face pack of oatmeal mixed with honey and almond are good for skin whitening and lightening.


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