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Dandruff is a skin condition where flakes appear on scalp and within hair. Dandruff a minor condition but can lead to hair fall if not taken proper care, and further also lead to skin infections and acne. It is a cause of embarrassment due to constant itching and also if flakes appear on shoulder.

Causes of Dandruff

Dandruff in Dermatology is said to be due to infection with a fungus Pityrosporum Ovale Hormone, stress and hereditary are other causes. Hair spray, Dyes, excessive use of shampoo and allergic reaction to dairy products are the other causes. Some hair spray too can cause dandruff.

Cure and Prevention

Brushing your hear vigorously daily will remove dirt from scalp and increase blood circulation of scalp .Dry powdery scalp too does not require severe treatment and can be cured by shampooing twice a week with any regular shampoo. However chronic ones are the one which persist even after application of every available product in the market and it is when they require severe treatment. Medicated shampoo like selenium disulfate, zinc pyrithone, keoconazole, coal tar can be used after consulting a dermatologist. Those with oily scalp should avoid oiling their hair. Further too hot water while having bath can cause dandruff. Further general remedies like plenty of water, plenty of salad, plenty of fruits and green vegetables can also be useful. Also reducing sugar and yeast too can be helpful.

Home Remedies

Fenugreek seeds are suggested to be natural remedies for dandruff. It is recommended that fine paste of two tablespoon fenugreek seeds which were soaked overnight in water can be applied for half an hour on scalp and later washed. Using Ritha (Soap-nut) to wash hair is also said to be highly beneficial. Hair should be washed with it atleast twice a week. Soak 12 to 13 rithas in water overnight , boil them in the morning and allow it to cool. This solution of Ritha can be used for hair wash. Some suggest hair wash with diluted apple cider vinegar two to three times a week.



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