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Baldness even in young age is nowadays a common phenomenon. Baldness is seen today even in teens. Competition in day to day life, stress, fear, and bad food habits along with hereditary are the common causes of hair fall or baldness. Sometimes cosmetics used for hair styling, curling, or dyeing can lead to hair fall and baldness. A study reported working for more than 52 hours in a week accelerates the hair fall . Hair growth is also affected in anemia, in thyroid disease and in patients receiving chemotherapy. It is also temporarily affected in pregnancy

A single hair stand can hold up to 100 gm in terms of weight. On and average a person has up to 10000-150000 hair strands. This means your can support the weight of two elephants. The hair grows in the hair follicle. Skin contains hair follicles except for palms and soles. It is difficult to create new hair follicles. In man the average period of growth of a scalp hair is three to four years. Hair fall is a normal physiological phenomenon. A normal man should not shed more than 100 hair a day. A daily loss 50 to 100 hair is considered normal, however new ones are constantly growing to replace the lost hair. Hair loss can be diffuse and localized. Alopecia areata and male pattern baldness are the two common types of baldness. Alopecia areata is a type of localized alopecia where there are oval or round one or more small areas where there is complete hair loss. This hair loss can be over scalp as well as over eyebrows and beard area. Heredity factor triggered by emotional stress is considered as a cause for this type of alopecia. In most cases hair regrowth occurs without any treatment in these areas. If not various local applications and intralesional injections after consultation with a dermatologist can be tried. Male pattern baldness is a type of diffuse alopecia which is seen in twenties and thirties. There is symmetrical loss of hair which eventually over the years causes complete loss of scalp hair. Alopecia totalis and Alopecia universalis are other less common form of hair loss. In Alopecia totalis there is loss of total hair on scalp and Alopecia universalis there is complete loss of body hair

A research is being done on a drug called Minoxodil, the local application of which may help hair growth. Alternative Medicine claims certain herbal oil highly useful in arresting hair fall and promoting hair growth. Stress busters like music and vacation are highly helpful. Regular oil application can help to promote your hair growth.  While choosing shampoo take care for good shampoo. If your hair are oily use less oily shampoo. If you have dyed your hair use color refresher shampoo. These shampoos are made from vegetables and give shine to your hair. Further they protect the dyed hair from ultraviolet rays of sunlight. Further use of conditioner after shampooing your hair is also beneficial. It would be more better if the conditioner is packed with proteins and essential fatty acids. Daily sunlight for sometime too is good. However apart from above precaution proper nutritious diet is highly important. Last and not least timely and early consultation with a trichologist can prevent lots of damage.


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