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Face yoga is the newest way to keep away your wrinkles and it is simple and noninvasive. Experts state that face yoga not only rejuvenates the face but simultaneously helps in putting back the glow. Like yoga the moves in face yoga have unique names for e.g. The Marilyn, Bumblebee or the Lion. The face muscles are not different from the muscles of the rest of the body .Thus if they are not exercised they become flabby. Face yoga which allows for oxygen to rush to the face is extremely rejuvenating and acts as a beauty booster. It entails toning one's facial muscles by smiling, stretching the eyebrows outwards ,twisting your lips or moving the cheeks from side to side, stretching out your tongue and even making the mouth into the shape of blowing a kiss.

There are various poses like Face lifter pose, balloon pose, fishspout face, Oval pose.

Face lifter Pose:
Look up into the sky .Make a spout and hold it for five seconds. Then kiss the sky and release it. Good to get rid of double chin.

Balloon Pose:
Fill the mouth with air. Hold it for 10 seconds, hold your breath and repeat the exercise five times. This slims down the cheek bones and tones your face.

Oval Pose:
Make the ovalface with your mouth stretching out the area below nose. Prevents wrinkles and minimize the effects of ageing.

Fish Spout Face:
Draw in your cheeks and lips to make a fish face holding it for 10 seconds and repeat the same thrice. It reduces plumpness and roundness of face.


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