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Wrinkles to the skin is a natural physiological phenomenon with advancing age since as one goes old not only does the skin shows wrinkles but also becomes loose, loses its glow and becomes dry.Though advanced technology like Laser Photo Rejuvenation helps to remove wrinkles,It is always possible to prevent severity of wrinkles through conservative methods. This treatment utilizes two or more lasers and not only reduces wrinkles but also scars that develop with age and sun damage. The treatment lasts 45 minutes and patients are advised three to four treatments at monthly intervals. However this treatment should be strictly performed by a trained medical person.


Sun exposure or photo ageing is the most common cause of wrinkling, so always use a sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 15-20. Use skincare products suited to your skin type. Anti-ageing creams can be used once you attain forty years of age. Don't start using earlier since they can make your skin more susceptible to wrinkling later in life. Don't go overboard on facial creams as they on the contrary could be hazardous. Washing as well as wiping of face should be gentle and not rigorous. Don't rub your skin with towel. Environmental pollution too can give rise to wrinkles. Overwork, fatigue, stress lack of sleep can also contribute to wrinkles. Hence take a break from hectic schedule and give yourself time for meditation and yoga. Yoga will not only reduce stress, but there are certain facial yoga exercises that can reduce wrinkles.

Eating right can solve most of skin and hair problems.. Special care should be taken for proteins in the diet since they are the building blocks of skin and hair. Further omga-3-fatty acids can help delay ageing. Fish, soya and leafy vegetables have omega-3 fatty acids. However avoiding tea, coffee can minimize its severity. Eight glasses of water a day can prevent your skin from becoming dry and wrinkled. Smoking and alcohol consumption decrease the skin's resistance to infection so try to avoid them this will also help in lessening the wrinkles. A early morning walk in fresh air when sun starts to rise is said to be good for skin..

A softening mask can be prepared from mixture of honey, lemon juice and almond to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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