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A gland that surrounds the neck of bladder and urethra in male. It is about the size of walnut. The gland secretes a thin, opalescent slightly alkaline fluid that forms part of seminal fluid.

Prostatitis inflammation of prostate, Prostate Hyperplasia where Prostate is enlarged and Prostate cancer are the three common diseases of Prostate gland

Prostatitis can be cured with antibiotic. Hyeprplasia is mostly an ageing process and benign but if causes obstruction of urethra, then surgical intervention is required.

Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc Selenium are good to keep prostate healthy. Vegetarian food is good to prevent prostatic diseases. Control obesity. Tomatoes has lycopene which is good for prostate.

Prostatic diseases can be treated by new modernized technique. Holmium laser HoLEPcan treat prostatic diseases and it can prevent complication of erectile dysfunction which occurs due to other treatment.

Signs of Prostatic disease
1. Frequent urge of urination and urgency to urinate
2. Difficult to start micturation
3. Need to micturated many times at night
4. Painfull urination
5. Painfull ejaculation
6. Blood in urine and semen

Prostate specific antigen test is a test to detect prostatic disease. A regular PSA test is advisable. Sonography and PSA tests helps in diagnosis of Prostatic disease

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