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Banana...A Poor Man's Healthy Ffruit

Banana is considered as poor man's healthy food. Though it is affordable it has various health, cosmetic and sexual benefits. Further it can be eaten raw without boiling or cooking.

• It is an excellent fruit to heal a ulcer. It has cooling effect on stomach and further it also coats the lining of stomach preventing an acid attack.

• Bananas provide carbohydrates in a digestible form that does not make blood sugar spike thereby making it a food of choice before exercise .

• It has Vitamin which contributes to production of sex hormones.

• Bananas have various essential minerals. It contains magnesium, calcium and potassium which are required for athletes. Further potassium is an essential electrolyte that helps regulate blood chemistry and it also improves carbohydrate metabolism.

• Bananas are also a good source of soluble fiber that helps cleanse the body of extra cholesterol and acidic elements. This keeps the blood healthy and helps prevent the development of plaque in the heart.

• A combination of Banana and aloevera juice work like a laxative and decrease the formation of piles over a period of time.

• Bananas are proven to be highly effective for bringing down stress levels.

• Bananas are also useful in lowering the blood sugar levels.

• A facial mask can be prepared from banana.

• Banana peel extract is said to be good to protect retina. This was inferred in a research conducted in Taichung's Chung Shan Medical University


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