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Not only rainy season brings malaria, dengue and Chicken guinea but it can also destroy the skin. Special precautions have to be taken to prevent skin damage in rainy season. Monsoon and humidity could mean that your pores can get more clogged than usual. For this reason, you should use gentle cleansers as per your skin type and wash your face at least twice a day. Skin in rainy season becomes oily and sticky and hence soapless and powder-based cleansers should be used to clean the face of extra oil. If you get wet in the rain wash your face immediately as the rainwater is full of pollution and bacteria.

Keeping skin dry is the most important precaution in rainy season. Wash your face and hands with scrub twice a day. Avoid oily foundation for makeup and also avoid moisturizing cream. Heavy makeup too should be avoided in rainy season. Applying toner every time you wash your face is considered beneficial. Use antifungal soap during these days since fungal infections are very common in this season. To prevent bacterial infection neem oil and almond oil can be applied after bath. Apply glycerin to hands and face once a week. Facial once a week is also considered useful. Clay masks especially those containing bentonite or kaolin clay can help absorb excess oil and mattify the skin. Sunscreen too has to be used during rainy season. It is a myth that sunscreens are not required in rainy season, since cloudy skin may hide the skin but harmful UV Rays do pass through the clouds.

Further nevertheless regular food habits, eight glasses of water, avoiding oily food, tea and coffee are always beneficial to skin. Your food during rainy season should include salads and vegetable soups. Diet rich in A, C and E is good for skin. All milk products, green leafy vegetables, carrot, egg yolk, have good amount of Vitamin A. Lime and Orange have good amount of vitamin C. However, there are many other fruits rich in Vitamin C. Almonds are considered to have large quantity of Vitamin E.

Further avoid sleep during day time and overexertion during rainy season.

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