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Nails grow at an average of 3mm per month. However diet deficiency and stress can reduce this rate. Nails are made of protein keratin


To remove stains on the nail dip in your fingernails or toenails in a cup of normal water which has tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice. After this thoroughly clean them with hot water and use a moisturizer.

Denture cleaning tablets contains sodium bicarbonate and citric acid which and are useful to remove stains from nails

Nails should be trimmed once in a week.

Old nail polish should be removed with acetone containing remover
Always remove the dirt with the help of nail brush.

Always apply base coat, then nail polish and then top coat. Base coat is a clear nail polish that is applied on nails before applying any varnish. It contains proteins, vitamin E, calcium and other such ingredients to enhance to the health of the nails. After nail polish apply top coat which helps in enhancing the life of your polish or manicure by at least two weeks.

It is said that it is good for nails if they are dipped in olive oil, once a week for twenty minutes

Chipped and peeling fingernails can occur if your finger nails are not receiving enough moisture. You can moisturize your nails just like you would your skin by rubbing moisturizing lotion onto them especially at night.

Allowing nails to grow big is not good for health.


A bit of garlic juice or a garlic pod rubbed on the nails daily is also good for nail growth and strength. Consuming Milk regularly good for health. Milk contains calcium. Calcium deficiency can lead to brittle nail. Citrus fruits due to its Vitamin C content help in rectifying discoloration of nails. Silicon helps heal brittle nails. Hence red wine and beer which are good source of silicon are good for nails. White patches in nails are due to magnesium deficiency. Consuming Green leafy vegetables like spinach, lettuce which are rich in magnesium are good for health.


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