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Tomatoes has various health benefits and also can be used to treat plethora of skin conditions.

Tomatoes is considered as one of the negative calorie food. Negative calorie food refers to those items that consume more energy during their digestion in comparison to the amount of energy they give to the body. It has 19kcal/100gm. Apart from its water content it is an excellent source of fiber. Further most people think Tomato is a fruit and not a vegetable, and they also feel that it has more health properties than apple and hence according to them “An apple a day keeps doctor away’ a misnomer.


Lycopene content of the tomato cuts the risk of prostate cancer .Its vitamin C content increases immunity levels and keeps common colds and coughs at bay. It also helps in cases of congestion of the liver as well as in dissolving gall stones. Its Vitamin A content is good for eyes. Potassium is good for muscle cramps. Tomatoes are recommended for patients with high homocysteine levels. Regular intake of tomatoes is said to be good to reduce heart diseases. Tomatoes are linked also with better lung function , this is because of antioxidant called quercetin . Further being rich in Vitamins A and C, fiber, potassium, folic acid, beta-carotene and lycopene scientists believe that it gives benefits from wide variety of cancers.


Further this fruit is a boon for weight watchers since it has zero fat content. Its Vitamin A content is good for Skin. Tomato extract mixed with yogurt applied on face gets rid of sun burn. The mixture should be washed with cold water after half an hour. Tomato mixed with aloe vera can be used to treat skin pigmentation. A mask can be prepared mixing a teaspoon of tomato and aloe vera. This can be applied to face for ten minutes.


Tomatoes can be consumed in various of ways ,you can add them to your pizzas or salads. Stuff your sandwich with sliced tomatoes along with your other ingredients. You start your meal with a tomato soup, making a healthy beginning. Tomato juices too are recommended. Further it is advisable to consume tomato cooked since heat makes more antioxidants available. Further since lycopene in tomato is fat soluble, it is said that it is better consuming it with little bit of oil, which help its absorption,

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