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Every year, tenth of September is observed as world suicide day. Though depression is one of the many causes of suicide, depression can be relieved by many ways. Depression is the second largest cause of death among 15-19 years of age. Further according to a study which was published in lancet infers that as compared to the general population average life expectancy is decreased by 10 and seven years in men and women with mental disorders. Further they are at risk of developing diabetes, multiple sclerosis, heart disease, stroke and cancer.


Anxiety, loneliness, irritability, suicidal tendencies, feeling of sadness, feeling of hopelessness, guilt is some of the symptoms of depression. Thoughts of death and suicides and suicidal attempts are the other symptoms of depression.


Stress, Work pressure, interpersonal relationship are the common causes for it being more prevalent in urban areas. In women estrogen could be the cause. In teenager attending school before 8:30 could be the cause.A latest survey has blamed addiction to smart phones the cause to feel depressed, anxious and lonely .Further chronic pain too can lead to depression . Those in chronic pains stay home most of the time keeping them away from friends and family leading to depression. A study reveals that stress in pregnancy can cause depression in female offspring. A latest study found that people who use face book passively and don't post themselves tend to compare themselves with others are in danger of developing depression.

Further heart patients with weekly nightmares are five times more likely to feel depressed or anxious and also are more likely to have sleeping disorders. It's a vicious cycle, depression, anxiety and insomnia can cause nightmares and nightmares could lead to depression, anxiety and insomnia.


However counseling by a psychologist is very much helpful and necessary. A new research has inferred exercising two or three times a week can reduce symptoms of depression . Online socializing for those who stay at home due to illness can keep their depression away. Further it has been found that teenagers who can put out their negative emotions in precise are better protected from depression than their peers. Further as per a recent study petting dogs and cats can reduce stress in students. A new research states that breathing exercise can help control mental health in students and manage stress and anxiety. The findings were published in the Journal Frontiers in Psychiatry.Turkish bath is a traditional way of steam bath, but it is much more than just a spa or sauna. It can work miracles both for physical and mental well being. It can be used to treat arthritis patients, further it increase immunity too. It is also stress buster and makes you feel mentally relaxed. It helps reduce the production of cortisol a hormone that regulates the level of stress in body.

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