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Intertrigo for a layman can be defined as a skin rash that occurs in body folds. It is commonly seen in inframamary, inguinal and the axillary regions but also can be seen in creases of neck, finger webs, popliteal and similar other areas.

It is frequently seen in obese in warm weather. Diabetes and hyperhidrosis are the other risk factors. The condition is also seen in people who are restricted to bed rest or who wear medical devices that may trap moisture against the skin such as artificial limbs.


Intertrigo occurs due to rubbing of opposing skin surfaces. Due to rubbing there is erosions which then get inflamed. Sweat, feces, urine and vaginal discharge may aggravate intertrigo. Pain, discomfort and itching are the most common symptoms of this condition. Secondary infections are common. The secondary infection could be bacterial or fungal.

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A simple way to help heal intertrigo is to allow the air to reach the affected area. Keeping the area as cool as possible is necessary. Twice a day lift up the skin folds and allow the air to circulate. This should be done for 10mts to 30 mts. Further application of burrows solution to the oozing areas and then allowing it to dry is beneficial. The solution can be applied two to three times a day. Alternatively it can be dusted with moisture absorbing powder. The body folds should be separated with a pad of absorbent materials. Local steroids if required low potency should be preffered. Steroids locally for longer duration can lead to skin atrophy and str
etch marks. Secondary infection should be treated with appropriate antibacterial and antifungal agents.

    • Use loose nonconstrictive clothing of absorbent material. Aviod wool, nylon and synthetic fibres, After a bath the body should be completely dried under the fan or with the help of hair dryer by keeping it on "cool" mode.
    • Incontinence should be immediately attended.
    • Obese have to reduce their weight to reduce the size of body folds.
    • Antiperspirant locally over body folds can be useful.
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