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There seems to be a rise in the incidence of infertility owing mainly to delayed marriage, and a universal decline in male fertility. The commonest causes of female infertility are tubal block owing to tuberculosis. Polycysticovarian disease, endometriosis, anovulation and hormonal disturbances such as poor ovarian reserve are some other causes and in some cases female infertility unexplained. It is estimated that in 50%of infertile couples it is the male factor which is responsible in the form of low sperm, counts, poor sperm motility, zero sperm counts(azoospermia)sexual dysfunctiona and anejaculation.

Dr. Jorge Chavarro who studied womans diet and fertility suggest that certain foods and lifestyle can significantly affect hormone levels and improve fertility in women with ovulation problems. He and his colleagues concluded that diet can greatly affect hormone levels, particularly insulin which does affects fertility. Though direct link between food and fertility cannot be proved woman can increase their chances of being pregnant without invasive treatments with certain diets and lifestyle changes.

Further according to some studies 12 percent women have been diagnosed infertile due to obesity. Obesity hampers ovulation. “Polycystic ovarian disease (PCOD) develops where in a lot of eggs are produced but none mature. There is insulin resistance and hormonal imbalance. When the BMI (Body Mass Index) is high and the patient is severely obese, weight loss with the help of lifestyle modifications can be helfpull the patient. However when all conservative options fail then surgeries can be considered to reduce weight.

The ten recommendations to increase the fertility as per study of Harwards are as follows:- Avoid trans fats.

Use more unsaturated vegetable oil such as olive or canola oil
Eat more vegetable protein like beans and nuts and less animal protein.
Choose whole-grain sources of carbohydrates instead of highly refined carbs
Drink a glass of whole milk or have a small dish of ice cream or full fat yogurt each day.
Take a multivitamin that contains folic acid and other B vitamins.
Get plenty of iron but not from red eat.
Avoid sugary sodas, Coffee, tea and alcohol can be consumed in moderation
If overweight lose 5to 10 percent of your weight.
Start an exercise programme. If you already exercise , keep it up but don’t over do

A new research suggest clinical hypnotheraphy for couples diagnosed with infertility and undergoing Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) can double their success rate. Dr. Hetal Pandya a hypnotherapist says that it works with subconscious mind to release blockages and de-condition the mind from fears that could lead to infertility. This theraphy is said to be popular in US, Europe and is catching up in Canada.

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