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Darkening of lip can be hereditary or it can be due to environmental factors like smoking, allergic reaction, dehydration. If it is due to hereditary condition it is difficult to treat. Though Petroleum jelly may useful in some mild cases, a lip balm should be applied in severe cases at night. However some suggest regular application of lip balm at regular interval. Application of sunscreen to lip is also claimed to be beneficial. Avoid using old lipstick and also remove lipstick before going to bed. Aloe vera and rubbing skin of peeled lemon are natural methods for preventing it from blackening. Avoid lip sucking.

Lips can be temporarily colored naturally. Betel leaf , very common in India and known as Paan can be used to color lips. Chew a betel leaf so that it gives a good pale color. This color will remain for quite a long time. Rose Petals too can be useful. Crush and grind a few rose petals and make a paste out of it. Keep the paste on your lips for approximately 10-15 minutes and wash it off. The color will stay for long time. Strawberries can give pink color to your lips. Rub strawberry paste or juice on your lip for that pink color. Beet root can give maroon or red color. Rub the beet root to your lips for that maroon or red color.

Certain dietary precautions and certain local care of lip can keep healthy and soft. Lip does not have a supply of any gland and hence if neglected they become dry. Vitamin A, E, K and iron are good for lips and hence diet rich in these vitamins should be consumed. Juice of beetroot is also said to be beneficial and hence should be consumed plenty. Drinking plenty water may make your lips soft and prevent lip form cracking. Reduce excess of tea, coffee, smoking etc.


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