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Today's youth and even middle aged are fascinated by various weight reducing advertisement. However they should go slow on this. It is not only vigorous exercising that reduces weight, but it should be combined with proper diet. There is no magic food in the market that can reduce your weight immediately. You will get 40% benefit by exercising but 60% benefit by proper diet. However confirm whether the diet food advertised will really be beneficial. Further though oil is responsible for weight gain, 15gms of oil are required daily in the food.

One most wrong notion is that one reduces weight by being hungry. It's completely wrong. Further never exercise on empty stomach.. Your body needs energy for workout. Small meals like banana and biscuits can be carried during workouts and they can provide the extra energy you need. This is especially important in the morning as the body has been fasting overnight and one needs to give it fuel to get going.

Check whether your gym has staff with academic knowledge and also ensure your gym has emergency medical plan at place and also ensure that their staff members are trained in CPR and first aid Improper vigorous exercise can lead to collateral damage ranging from crippling rotator cuff injuries and spinal disc herniation to torn muscles and renal failure.

One of the greatest misconceptions is that more the sweating more will be the weight reduction. One does not sweat fat and it is the water that is shedded. Hence people who switch fans and AC's and exercise in a hot environment to sweat more can develop cramps and dehydration

Another misconception is that one burns more calories with weight or resistance training. Further there is another misconception that resistance training will make females to bulk up and have muscles on their upper arms and forearms looking like a muscular man. This dose not happens as long as one is not consuming growth hormones.
Swimming no doubt is good exercise which makes one hungry, relieves stress and improves digestion but it isn't much good for reduction of weight.

It's not necessary for flat abs to workout daily. Even abdominal muscles require rest.

Concentrate while you are working out and try avoiding reading books and television


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