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Snoring not only affects you, but your spouse too. A report says that one in three of them lose three weeks of sleep every year because of their husbands snoring. A survey of 2200 adults inferred that snoring is such a nightmare that 39 per cent of other halves regularly flee to a spare room in search of peace-while one in nine couples sleep apart permanently because of the problem

This disorder is considered from ages as deep sleep , but it is not so. When a person falls asleep, muscles in the upper airway relax and this causes the breathing passage to become narrow. As air tries to pass through the narrowed upper airways, they vibrate making the sound of snoring. When it worsens these passages get blocked-often hundreds of time every night. This is obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). OSA is most commonly seen in middle aged men, who are overweight, though women are not spared.OSA can be dangerous since Oxygen level drops often to dangerous levels. Further brain does not rest…it wakes up. Level of dangerous chemicals also increases in the blood. OSA can also result in high BP, diabetes, heart attack and paralysis.


1. Slimming down in those who are overweight is generally the best way to cure OSA. This can improve snoring and reduce your risk of sleep apnea.

2. Sleeping on your back invariably worsens snoring. Hence sleep on sides rather than on back which is said to be beneficial since by doing so the base of the tongue will not collapse into the back of the throat, which may narrow airway and can cause obstructive breathing. However according to another school of thought that there are two types of snorers, those who snore only when they sleep on back and those who do it regardless of their position.

3. Keep sleeping pills and alcohol away.

4. Quit smoking, this will reduce airway irritation and swelling.

5. Alcohol and sleeping pills increase relaxation of throat and tongue muscles and hence should be avoided.

6. A little olive oil (teaspoon) before going to bed may lubricate the tissues of your throat. This may prevent vibration of the tissues and reduce snoring.

7. Nasal strips lift the bridge of your nose. If the obstruction is relieved snoring may subside.


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