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Gone are the days where face was only pampered for beauty. As both men and women have realized that not only face and clothes that are being watched, it is even feet that are noticed more and more men and women have started taking care of their feet and many beauty establishments have come up only for foot care. Hence beautician are putting their full efforts for finding newer and newer therapies for beautiful feet. Women who have cracked feet try to avoid wearing good and beautiful looking foot wear

If your are suffering from severe cracked heels, melt some paraffin wax and mix it with a little coconut oil. Apply this mixture on your cracked heels before going to bed at night and wash it off the next morning. Doing this over a period of two weeks will help seal the gaps and reduce pain.

If your feet have been hurting due to cracked heels, soak them in hot water mixed with some salt and then with cold water. Repeat this for about an hour. This will help improve blood circulation

Application of olive oil is said to be beneficial to treat cracked heels


Drink lots of water to keep your skin hydrated as dry skin is more prone to cuts and cracks

Every time you take a bath rub your feet with pumice stone

Wash your feet with soap and water moment you reach home from your office or college. This will help clean all the dirt. Further it is a good idea to soak your feet in lukewarm water mixed with a little soap. Some advise rose water to be added to this lukewarm water. This will help loosen the tight dead skin on your heels and the sole of your feet. Gently rub a pumice stone to get rid of the dead skin on your feet. After this apply moisturizing cream on your feet

Further washing your feet with water mixed with hydrogen peroxide is also said to be useful

Application of olive oil is also said to be beneficial to prevent cracked heels.

Massage your heels and feet with a moisturizing lotion or petroleum jelly every night before going to bed. Application of petroleum jelly and then wearing socks is also advisable. However remove your socks while going to bed

Special care should be taken during rainy season. Wash them regularly and keep them dry. Further to avoid smell lavender oil, rose oil with a few drops of milk in water can be applied. Try wearing shoes and boot because shoes and boots can hold water for longer time creating soggy environment for your feet

COFFEE THERAPHY Soak your feet in a bath of freshly ground coffee. The caffeine in the beans is a natural toner for the skin and the ground beans act as exfoliators. This process not only gives you smooth and flawless skin but also stimulates circulation and awakens your body.

CANDLE THERAPHY The candle is lit burn it for 10 to 15 minutes. The melted wax Is poured on your skin. This candles are not normal ones but special ones used for massaging, so don't try this without supervision otherwise you will burn your skin. These candles are all natural and gluten free and also don't have dyes, zinc and lead. They usually contain jojoba oil or shea butter which nourishes , rejunevate and detoxifies the skin.

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