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Most of the elderly people have hypertension, diabetes, bone and eye diseases , hence regular checkups and screening can warn them at proper time.

Walk as far as possible. If not possible to walk at one time, try walking two to three times a day. Avoid walking outside during rainy season, because getting wet in rain can make existing bone diseases more severe which are more common in old age. However precautionary umbrella can prevent you from getting wet.

If you have a hearing defect, see if the hearing devices are functioning properly before you step out of the house.

Always take support of chair, or wall while wearing clothes. Take abundant precaution to avoid fall, because fractures are common at old age.

Avoid going to newplace alone.

Avoid driving during rainy season since roads are worst during rainy season.

Minimize alcohol consumption and keep away from cigarettes.

Milk is considered good in old age and the person should consume 400gms of milk per day, further green leafy vegetables, dry fruits like anjeer, almonds, fruits like papaya, Mangoes, grapes, banana, pomegranate, orange, apple. Further curd, butter milk is also considered good in old age. Bone diseases are common in old age and to prevent this take supplement of calcium and vitamin D after consultation with proper physician.

Loss of memory, difficulty in concentration, and suicidal wishes are also common in old age and proper psychiatric consultation can take care of all this things.

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