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Coronary disease is a leading cause of death in the developed and developing countries. 1.7 million people all over the world die of coronary heart disease and stroke At present India is more prone to heart attack as compared to Western Countries and six times more as compared to oriental countries like China, Japan and Korea. In 1960 only 4 percent cardio-vascular deaths in India were due to coronary artery disease whereas in 1990 the proportion was greater than 50 percent. Men have double the risk of heart disease than women and this could be due to a tendency which could be attributed to the male hormone and testosterone. Heart disease is predominantly due to atherosclerosis which causes hardening fattening and subsequent narrowing of arteries which supply blood to heart and other parts of body. Prosperity which brings with it unhealthy food, stress, obesity, smoking, diabetes and lack of physical exercise are the major cause for the heart disease. Anger can actually bring a heart attack. A study published in 1995 showed that within two hours after angry outburst an individual's chances of having a heart attack were twice more common then someone who had kept cool. Similar negative emotions like anger, depression are also bad for heart. Stress is another factor bad for heart .Aspirin is said to be highly beneficial in preventing heart attacks. Aspirin tablet every other day can help prevent that first heart attack and can be helpful to those who have had one already. However it should be consumed under medical supervision

Hence following may help you to reduce heart risk and also to keep your weight under control which is utmost necessary to keep your heart at bay…………..

- Our ancestors it seems were doing a tremendous amount of physical labor before they ate any food. We need to do the same. Brisk 5 km walk for forty minutes is recommended. Furhter using staircase instead of elevator whenever possible is considered beneficial for keeping heart healthy.

- Smoking which cause deposition of plaques within arteries causing narrowing of their lumen should be completely abandoned to keep heart at bay.

- Stress busters like yoga, meditation, music and hobbies like painting etc. are also useful ways of relaxation.

- Sugar intake has to be reduced more so by the diabetes.

- Reduce intake of saturated fats, carbohydrates and increase intake of raw fruits and vegetables. Fats from nuts and olive oil (unheated) are good source of unsaturated fats.

- Eat slowly and stop when you are satisfied not stuffed full

- Eat when you genuinely feel hungry rather than for emotional or other reason.

- Eat smaller serving sizes by using smaller plates and cups.

- Choose fruit as a snack

- Choose low fat and fat free product

- Restrict salt, since salt increases water retention and hence raises blood pressure.

- Include vegetables and salads with lunch and dinner

- Eat your evening meals at a dinner table with the TV turned off.

- Avoid sweetened drinks such s cordial soft drink and juice with water.

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