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Ice creams and cold drinks though cold are not considered good in summer and hence one should know the food that can protect us from summer heat naturally and also foods that are hazardous during this season. Digestion is affected in summer and hence foods that are hard to digest should be avoided. Ice creams are hard for digestion and have high cholesterol; further cold drink instead of being beneficial can be harmful during summer. Used of onion in the food should be kept to minimum as onion too is difficult to digest. Butter milk and curd are vigorously propagated during summer to safeguard oneself from the heat. However both are not good and should be avoided in summer. Further some also advice to avoid highly cold refrigerated water immediately after exposure to strong summer heat as they are extremes.

Lime, Orange, Mosambi, Grape, Cucumber and Watermelon juice are considered best in the summer season to fight the summer heat and can be consumed whenever one feels thirsty

Saffron has great cooling effect. It is the most expensive spice and is known for its rich color and aroma. It can effectively cool any drink or dish that it is mixed with it. Just a pinch of this spice is required. A pinch of this can be added to mango shakes, lime juice or even regular glass of milk

Aampora shorbat is used as a medicine in Bihar and West Bengal during summer. Apart from its utility to combat heat it is also delicious. A mango pulp is the basis of this shorbat which can be done by cutting a small circular portion of mango from side and then roasting the mango on a gas flame till the skin starts to become black. Cool it, discard the skin and scoop out the pulp. Discard the piths. The mango pulp is then required to be mashed and then passed through sieve so that the fibres are discarded. This pulp should be stored in refrigerator and whenever required shorbat can be made by using this two to three spoons of this mango pulp and by adding sugar, salt, and water, to jeera powder and other ingredients which can make the shorbat tastier. This shorbat is considered excellent for those suffering from heat stroke and is beneficial in humid areas where the body needs to be rehydrated fast and also get back lost minerals.

Heavy breakfast in the morning and a bowl of vegetable soup for dinner will also help you to prevent hazardous effect of summer heat.

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