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Diabetes mellitus is a condition resulting from inadequate production or utilization of insulin causing hyperglycemia and glycosuria. Diabetes can be controlled by avoiding smoking, tea, and coffee. Exercise and avoiding transfat can help in controlling diabetes. Trans fat found in hydrogenetad vegetable oils, chips, junk food etc are extremely unhealthy. Further out of 62 million diabetics in India more than 50% are in age group of 35 to 55 years of age. Further in urban population the age of diabetic is getting younger, with some getting diabetes in late 20s too which means that they can get complications of diabetes in late 30s if they don't take precaution.

In World over every 30 seconds a person suffering from diabetes loose a leg due to poor foot care. The figures available with foot society are that every year 200000 diabetic patients undergo amputations of leg for inadequately treated diabetic foot ulcers.

Foot care in diabetes

1. Dont wear shoes without socks
2. Dont wear new foot wears for more than a hour
3. Dont dip your foot in too cold and hot water
4. Clean your foot daily with soap
5. See that nails and stones don't pierce through your shoes and chappals.

Care of wound

1. Clean with normal saline water
2. Avoid pressure on wound while walking
3. Avoid cotton to clean the wound
4. Dressing should be done by a proper medical practitioner

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