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Bad breadth also called as halitosis is not always due to internal disease. It could be due to bad oral hygiene, offensive food eaten by us, or could be because of dry mouth or also could be due to ketosis caused by low carbohydrate diet Though bad breadth is rarely life threatening it is quite embarrassing . Many a time patient is not aware of his or her bad breadth.

Halitosis sometimes could be due to serious disease like diabetes, gastro esophageal reflux disease (GERD), kidney failure, liver failure, and chronic infections of lung.

Dry mouth which occurs during sleep causes bad breadth as it enables dead cells to accumulate on your tongue gums and cheeks which result in foul odor.
Offensive food like onion, garlic immediately results in bad breadth. Smoking and chewing tobacco based products not only cause bad breadth but also stain teeth, hasten tooth decay and can have hazardous effects on the gum.
Dentures and braces if not properly cleaned can give rise to bad breadth.


1. Brushing your teeth after every meal is beneficial in keeping bad mouth odor.
2. A Tongue scraper is often effective in relieving bad breath for a short period.
3. Remove dentures at night and clean them again before placing them in the mouth.
4. Replace tooth brush every two to three months
5. Drinking plenty of waters and liquid can help to maintain right saliva balance, and reduce the foul mouth odor.
6. Offensive foods like onion, garlic can be avoided to prevent bad breath.
7. Alcohol and tobacco the other offender should also be avoided for bad breath.
8. Consumption of fruits and vegetables and grains can be of help for ketosis caused by low carbohydrate diets


1. Chewing gums, mints and mouth washes can cause symptomatic reduction of bad breadth.
2. A Clove after food can prevent bad breadth.
3. Gargling with water that has been boiled with skin of pomegranate can prevent bad breadth.
4. Gargling with water containing juice of one lemon can also remove bad breadth
5. Boil one spoon of ginger in a glass of water and gargle with it to prevent bad breadth.
6. Gargling with mixture of honey and cinnamon powder can prevent bad breadth. For gargling mix one teaspoon of honey and cinnamon powder.
7. Munching carrots, celery and apples are beneficial for curbing bad breadth because their slightly abrasive textures help prevent a buildup of plaque on the teeth.
8. There are various flavored mouth freshner to mask foul mouth odour.

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