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Elimination of stored toxins in body is called detoxification

Modern eating habits, like junk , oily , stale food  and over and irregular  eating leads to accumulation of toxins which clog the digestive system and makes the organs sluggish. Regular detoxification can remove the toxins. Detoxification is required because according to holistic therapy it’s the failure to cleanse the body from within that leaves many of us feeling and looking below par. The skin looses the glow and person feels sluggish. However detoxification will bring your skin glow but also will bring body back and give it a boost.

Method for detoxification.

Though fasting for 24 hours is ideal, it is not possible in every individual. The other option is to go on all fruit diet for one to three days.  However some opine that one day juice diet is the ideal cleanse. Fruit juices also make powerful cleansers as they contain fruit acids and pectin which eliminate toxins from the digestive tract. However for the fruit juices to be effective they must be consumed fresh. Citrus fruit juices are more usefull then non citrus fruit which have a milder action. Vegetable juice have much gentle effect the best are from green leafy vegetables which are rich in chlorophyll . Don’t mix fruits with veggies except for apples with carrots as this cause bloating.Natural laxative like trifla in luke warm water a night before detoxification is advisable.

Light and nourishing diet should be followed till late noons.The ideal detox fruits are papaya  apple, grape and seasonal citrus fruits, but avoid sweet and citrus fruits at the same time.Foods recommended are oatmeal porridge,clear vegetable sous and sprouts. Soaked black raisins, figs, bowl of oatmeal, nacchni porridge. White grass juice and aloe vera juice are also highly beneficial.

How  will you minimize formation of toxins.

However though cleansing can be done through the method mentioned above it is advisable to have a cup of hot water every morning and six to eight glasses of water during the day. Further  cut down on acid forming foods like meat and dairy products which take a long time to digest cause boating and accumulate in the body as waste. Fresh fruit , salad and steamed vegetables are alkali forming foods and help to flush out the system. Caffeine is a toxin and should be avoided. Alcohol is not only toxin but also damages live which is the main organ for detoxification. Also aerobic exercise for 20 to 30 minutes  three times a week to stimulate the body ‘s natural waste-disposal system


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