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Stress, work pressure, failures and interpersonal relationship are the common culprits for depression in urban areas. However unhealthy food too can be the cause of depression. In females estrogen could be the cause. In school going children getting up early and addition to mobiles can lead to depression. Those in chronic pain and staying at home may go in depression due to loneliness. Those who are passive on social media like facebook, and who don't post but compare themselves with other and may be mentally affected.

Junk food too can cause depression. Neurotransmitters in brain need adequate amount of nutrients such as zinc, copper, magnesium and amionoacids such as glutamine, tyramine etc. Junk food which is rich in saturated fatty acids and trans fatty acid cannot provide this. Further fast food takes time and energy to digest which affects the hormones in body.


Anxiety, thought of death, loneliness, irritability, suicidal tendencies, feeling of sadness, feeling of hopelessness, guilt are some of the symptoms of depression. A new study which has been published in lancet infers that as compared to the general population average life expectancy of mentally affected is decreased by 10 and seven years in men and women respectively . Further they are at risk of developing diabetes, multiple sclerosis, heart disease, stroke and cancer. Depression can lead to suicide and is the second highest cause of death among 15-29 years of age.


Counseling by a psychologist is the first line of treatment. Thinking too much of past is bad and these people should be taught to live in present. Exercising two or three times a week and breathing exercises can reduce symptoms of depression. Online socializing for those who stay at home due to illness can keep their depression away. Further it has been found that teenagers who can put out their negative emotions in precise are better protected from depression than their peers. Petting dogs and cats can reduce stress in students. . Practicing gratitude and helping others helps in releasing positive hormones and is good for mental health.


Fermented foods such as yogurt
Apples , berries, oranges as they are rich in antioxidants
Leafy greenly vegetables
Tomatoes since they contain folic acid
Walnut since them contain omega 3 fatty acids and Vitamin E


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