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Coconut not only enchances the flavor of many dishes but many dishes can be made from it. It can be used to make coconut chutney, coconut cookies, coconut rice, coconut noodle, coconut soup, coconut mango smoothies and many more.

Not only coconut water, but coconut fat, coconut oil, coconut milk are healthy for human body.


Initially it was believed that coconut fat being saturated is not good for heart .However nutritionist now say that though coconut has saturated fat it is the right kind of saturated fat. They found that unlike some other fat this one was high in medium-chain fatty acids, which rather than being stored as fat, are quickly turned into energy and actually help the body burn fat and reduce hunger Around half of this fatty acids are lauric acid which is found in human breast milk and which has powerful antibacterial properties. So proper amount of coconut fat was considered good for heart.


Coconut water has essential electrolytes which makes it great for rehydrating after exercise. It is high in potassium and contains calcium and magnesium and alkalizes the body. It is also a store house of Vitamins D, E, and K. It has anti-inflammatory Omega 3 fatty acids. It boosts immune system and has not only elements which rehydrates the body but also cools the body temperature. Coconut water is said to be healthy for kidney and bladder problems. Coconut water also has anti-viral and an antifungal property that helps you in sickness likes flu and herpes. It also promotes water loss. Coconut also helps prevent obesity by speeding up metabolism and provides an immediate source of energy with fewer calories than other fats.


Coconut milk has been found to ease sore throat and is said to be good even for stomach ulcer.


Coconut oil too has several benefits. It is said to heal cut , scratches, burns and sunburns. It also makes the skin soft and smooth, just apply it to hands and feet, keep it for some time, till it soaks. It is a good moisturizer, so massaging it gently into the face makes the skin glow naturally.One part of sugar and one part of coconut oil is said to be good exfoliating body scrub. It also acts as a natural lip balm. A mixture of baking soda and coconut oil is said to be good toothpaste. Its application can prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.

Coconut blossom nectar are used by many as natural sweetener.

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