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Not only smoking but smokeless tobacco too is harmful. Smokeless tobacco is used almost by quarter of tobacco users and most of them live in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. A recent study says that there is increase in deaths due to smokeless tobacco. Further those who chew tobacco, they have increased saliva production and this leads to spitting and transmission of infections.

India ranks second in the entire world in the consumption of tobacco. Tobacco has nicotine which has harmful effect on all human organs. There are nearly fifty lac deaths due to tobacco over the World and out of that India accounts for ten lacs. Tobacco is either chewed or smoked as cigarettes or bidis. Hookah is other form of consuming tobacco and all are harmful. Unfortunately every four students in Mumbai between the ages of 10 and 19 are addicted to smoking and other products. This shocking revelation came from Prince Aly Khan Hospital Mazgaon in Mumbai


Smoking has various hazardous effects on human body. Not only smokers are more prone to stroke and heart attacks but lung cancer is common in them. Further smoking during pregnancy increases the risk of prematurity spontaneous abortion and perinatal mortality. Tobacco smoke is bad for eyes too. Further a study also reports that children who are exposed to tobacco smoke from their father while they are in the womb are more likely to develop asthma by the age of six than those who are not exposed to smoke. It also gives rise to depressive symptoms. It also affects one's sense of smell and taste. Tobacco chewing leads to oral cancer. However we may reap some benefits if we quit smoking. If one abstains from smoking for a year the chances of heart problems reduces to half. Abstaining from smoking will decrease your chances of stroke too. Abstaining smoking for ten years halves your chances of having lung and mouth cancer. Ones you stop smoking you recover the sense of smell, taste affected by cigarette smoking


One can help those addicted to tobacco, to quit it, by
(1)Counseling, (2) Stricter laws and (3) incentives.

Nicotine replacement therapy is not substitute to tobacco since it carries its own side effects. Such products contain nicotine in measured doses. They are available in form of patches, nasal sprays, lozenges and gums. Nicotine gums can cause hiccups, jaw pain and stomach disorders. Further lozenges can cause upset stomach, hiccups, heartburn. Nicotine patches can cause skin rash and sleep problems. Further it is a myth that e-cigarettes are harmless. They too are harmful and never a alternative to tobacco


Persuading smokers to quit smoking is difficult since quitting smoking in chain smokers leads to withdrawal symptoms. Making them aware about this through counseling will help people to quit smoking. Stress is the one of the most important factor which triggers the smoker to smoke. Hence relaxing activities like walk, exercise, music, yoga can help you in relieving stress and also will help them in abstaining from smoking. If you have tried quitting and failed. Don't give up and have positive attitude. Will power and counseling by a proper counselor will help you to have positive attitude.


Strict laws have been made to prevent smoking. A pictorial warning on tobacco products is one such measure. Laws banning smoking in public places is another measure. Indian doctors and activist want increase in taxes under goods and service tax on tobacco products which will decrease consumption of these products. Selling loose cigarettes is banned. However sale of loose cigarettes and selling tobacco to minors is found to be rampant. More over the vendors selling this in the vicinity of schools and colleges. Strong vigilance is required from Government to curb this. Banning selling of tobacco in vicinity of school is the need of the day. A recent study conducted at The Ohio Stat University in the US infers that in those areas where smoking is banned it not only helps smokers to quit smoking but also prevents young people from developing the habit.

Further those who chew tobacco, have increased saliva production and this leads to spitting and spreading of diseases. Hence stricter laws are essential for spitting in public places.


A Japanese firm "Piala" has come with a new idea of Incentives by giving its employees who don't smoke a six days paid holiday in a year. The firm issued this incentive after receiving complaint from nonsmoker employees that the smokers go to basement to smoke from 29th floor of the office. Each break of the smokers would last for fifteen minutes and they would take five such breaks.


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