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Benefits of garlic are attributed to allicin. This is a pungent and powerful photochemical ( a plant compound that has protective, health benefits) . The same is also responsible for garlics unpleasant odour. Surprisingly there is no allicin in an intact clove of fresh garlic. Allicin is formed when the plant cells within garlic clove are damaged such as through crushing or cooking. The allicin breaks down into various other compounds that act as antioxidants, anticancer agents, anticlotting agents and detoxifiers. Garlic also contains a compound called diallyl sulphides. Diallyl sulphides can help lower the levels of “bad” cholesterol, hence garlic can help to keep the heart and cardiovascular system healthy. The diallyl sulphides alsobossts the immune system and effective against cancer.

Apart from its antioxidant, detoxifying, anticancer, anticlotting properties and its ability to boost immune system, it is also digestive. It stimulates peristalsis or movement of intestines and also secretes digestive juices. It also eases the spasm of small arteries and hence lowers the blood pressure. It is also said to be beneficial for arthritis and is a suitable antidote for many common types of food poisoning. Local application of garlic has been found to be highly usefull for pimples(acne). It has been said that pimples disappear without a scar if rubbed several times a day.

A new study has revealed that garlic has enormous potential to prevent cardiomyopathy. Cardiomyopathy is a form of heart disease that is leading cause of death in people with diabetes. The study has reported diabetics have atleast twice the risk of death from heart disease as others, with heart disease accounting for 80% of all diabetes related deaths. Especially dangerous is diabetic cardiomypathy which inflames end weakens the hearts muscle tissue. The study results indicated that garlic might help control the abnormally high blood sugar levels that occur in diabetes.


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